About People

I am shy. It is very hard for me to stick the camera in the face of a person. For this reason I have tried to stay away from photographing people. Laura had to suffer for it more than me because all my fears of photographing people ended up in her having a camera in the face most of the time.

Some time ago I have decided to change. I like people. I always enjoyed watching people and playing with suppositions about how each one's life is and what makes them happy or sad or what motivates them to continue living. I was and still am genuinely interested in each and everyone's story. There is no such thing as “uninteresting” people. We are all special, in our own way even if we act similar in groups. We are social beings, after all…

From a philosophical perspective, for as much as we know, the only reason this world exists because we are here to perceive it . Our stories, our experiences is what makes this world what it is, for better or worse. I don't want to get to deep into this but with every photo I take, with every story I hear I get more and more amazed about the infinite diversity of the nature of man. It is an infinite universe of stories and experiences. Nothing in our reality beats that.

Each of these photos represent a moment from the life of a person I have interacted with, at a certain point. I know some of the stories and Thank You! for that, but most of them I don't. Some of the stories are happy, some are sad and others are really heartbreaking. I will not tell these stories because they are very personal, but I need to show the images. Some of the images I showed before but most of them have been shared in closed groups since I like to stick to the principle that “what happens in Rome, stays in Rome” when I am shooting at parties, for example. I hope I haven’t broke this principle by showing some of those photos here…

Thank you for allowing me to capture a tiny fraction of your story!

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